13 Piece Cruelty Free Vegan Brush Kit

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NEW Cruelty Free 13 Pce Vegan Brush Kit.

This divine collection includes 12 luxurious hand-crafted brushes for any look, all stored in a beautifully designed brush holder/ travel case. 
Brushes can be used for-
01 Bronzer or Blush Brush
02 Blush or Setting Powder Brush
03 Highlighter or Contour Brush
04 Eye Shadow Blending Brush
05 Contour Eye Shadow Brush
06 Flat Eye Shadow Brush
07 Firm Density Shadow Brush
08 Small Socket Eye Shadow Brush
09 Large Socket Eye Shadow Brush
10 Concealer Brush
11 Powder Fan Brush  
12 Eye Liner Smudge Brush
13 Lash and Brow Comb
14 Brow and Eye Liner Angle Brush
15 Brush Holder/Travel Case

Helpful Tip: Even though the ink used on our handles is non toxic, we do recommend allowing our cruelty free brushes to air out in the open for 24 hours, to help naturally dissipate the scent from the printing process.